Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver an exceptional experience to our Employees and Guests through our unique heritage, passion and commitment to quality.

Great freshly made food,  excellent serene apartments, lounge and exceptional service, along with carefully curated music and world class design were elements that set the new standards in the city which are found in our space.

GASTAN RESTAURANT & LOUNGE is an upscale casual restaurant that has never compromised on its fundamental promise to its clients.

Extraordinary Experiences

The GASTAN RESTAURANT & LOUNGE was founded in December 2013 with the launch of GASTAN APARTMENT & LOUNGE  in the heart of Lokogoma, Abuja, Nigeria.. Since its inception, we have received positive reviews for exceptional quality of food and customer excellence. We are well known for its signature margaritas, excellent Mexican food, and laid back atmosphere.

GASTAN RESTAURAT & LOUNGE aims to cater to discerning individuals who are either looking for a nostalgic experience or yearning to try something different. A great meal experience is memorable and at Gastan Restaurant & Lounge, we use the best ingredients, provide outstanding customer service, and aim for customers to have a similar fine dining experience as one at a top restaurant in London, Paris, or New York. The team at Gastan has plans to expand to various locations throughout Nigeria and West Africa. Expect Gastan Restaurant & Lounge opening in different States across the globe in the near future.

Our Core Values


Being truthful, sincere, and upfront with everyone you interact with.


Our vision isto “treat everyone in a warm, friendly, genuine manner, as you would Family.”


Love and believe in what you do.


Challenge the status quo, think creatively, and constantly evolve.


Create a memorable experience for our Guests and each other.

Open chat
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